Excellent food!ūüėä ... read more
Sherrie Chandler-Kellner via - Oct 18, 2017
Excellent gyros every time we've ...
Excellent gyros every time we've been there. Pita is fresh and hot and it's obvious the family that runs it cares about the quality and the business. Great customer service!
Lindsey V. via - Oct 14, 2017
OMG this is the best Mediterranean ...
OMG this is the best Mediterranean food I have ever had. We started with the Spanakopeta which was fresh and delicious. For entrees we got the Heart of the Nile and Queen of the Nile. Everything was wonderful and the baba ganoush was to die for. Lastly I extremely highly recommend the baklava cheesecake and Turkish Coffee. The owners ... read more
David K. via - Oct 13, 2017
This is one of my fave Mediterranean ...
This is one of my fave Mediterranean restaurants in the Triangle. It's simple and quick and the food is always fresh. Service is has always been excellent too. Lately I find myself going in for a quick bite for lunch or dinner, then end up walking out with a few sides that I like to have on hand in the fridge for snacking. (hummus, b ... read more
Meg S. via - Oct 10, 2017
Very nice owner and staff; deserving of business as they are hardworking small business owners. Food hit the spot. Love the lamb gyro entree. The rice, salad, and tzatziki were just as good as the lamb meat. My wife's spanikopita was very tasty as was the falafel. Want to go back for the Koshari. I could eat here once a week.
Jeff Schweickert via - Oct 2, 2017
Best gyro in triangle area. Family owned and they serve to please.
Brandon Latham via - Sep 29, 2017
From the outside it doesn't look like much but the food is amazing. Make sure to try the baklava before you leave.
Yancey Medina via - Sep 20, 2017
Great new place. Super flavorful ...
Great new place. Super flavorful entrees with all the standards. Amazing desserts. Great service. Family owned. Best falafel in the triangle.
Chuck C. via - Sep 9, 2017
Went in for lunch today and loved ...
Went in for lunch today and loved it. Our portion sizes were perfect. The counter guy was friendly and accommodating. Our desserts were fantastic. The chocolate cake truly melts in your mouth. The owner was attentive and friendly. I really enjoyed my meal here. Wish i lived closer ad it would be a regular spot for me. Highly highly r ... read more
Anthony J. via - Sep 9, 2017
Best selection of Mediterranean food in the Triangle. Everything is well-made and very tasty. The staff is friendly and helpful.
Gulo Gourmand via - Sep 6, 2017
Wonderfully authentic food. Baba ...
Wonderfully authentic food. Baba ghanouj is spot on. Great staff. Beautiful  cakes and baklava. The coconut  cake is awesome. My favorite middle eastern restaurant  in the Triangle ... read more
Bonnie B. via - Sep 2, 2017
Koshari is the best dish served. Falafel was also good and fresh. The mix grill platter is an average meal. The stuffed wine leaves are below average though.
Haitham Hamid via - Aug 30, 2017
Outstanding! I have been here a ...
Outstanding! I have been here a few times now and the food is consistently delicious. Everything is fresh and you can tell the difference. So far, I have tried the lamb gyro entree with tzatziki sauce and cucumber-tomato salad, stuffed grape leaves, chicken wings, chocolate mousse cake, baklava cheesecake, almond baklava and walnut b ... read more
Rachel S. via - Aug 30, 2017
Delicious, fresh,  authentic Mediterranean ...
Delicious, fresh,  authentic Mediterranean food.  Lovely, friendly staff, too.  Will definitely keep coming back when I'm in the neighborhood.
Stephanie F. via - Aug 24, 2017
I used to be able to get good gyros in NYC. What a great surprise to be able to get a fantastic gyro at Nile Cafe. I had the traditional gyro with super thin sliced roasted lamb wrapped in a warm pita with cucumber sour cream. My daughter had the chicken gyro and the beautiful iced lemonade with mint. She loved it. You can get a fe ... read more
Maisy McDarby Stanovich via - Aug 16, 2017
Not your usual generic gyro place. We've visited 3 or 4 times now and gotten takeout a few more and the food has been consistently great.
Benjamin Reed via - Aug 13, 2017
Messed up my order originally but were very polite and speedy in fixing it. Didn't make me feel bad about it at all and the staff was very friendly both greeting and leaving. Food was good but nothing special. Good prices ranging from about $8-$16 depending on what you're ordering for sandwiches and entrees. ... read more
Somayya Al-shishani via - Aug 13, 2017
Not your usual generic gyro place ...
Not your usual generic gyro place.We've visited 3 or 4 times now and gotten takeout a few more and the food has been consistently great.
Benjamin R. via - Aug 12, 2017
Fantastic Mediterranean food, best ...
Fantastic Mediterranean food, best grape leaves I have had in a long time. Both of our meals were delicious, chicken shwarma and beef shwarma plate followed by spot on baklava.
Kerri B. via - Aug 5, 2017
Great food and very reasonably ...
Great food and very reasonably priced. They also have a selection of baklava and cakes for dessert. Cute little cafe.
Maira H. via - Jul 16, 2017
Great Mediterranean place!We tried ...
Great Mediterranean place!We tried the gyro, which was very moist and so did the rice. Great flavor! Chicken Shawarma also delicious.
Elsie T. via - Jul 16, 2017
Food was great ... read more
H. Musa Ali via - Jul 13, 2017
Loved the falafel and grape leaves! ... read more
Shruthi Mohan via - Jul 13, 2017
Very good food and the staff was very good. ... read more
Sundararajan Mohan via - Jul 13, 2017
When traveling, I always look for ...
When traveling, I always look for Mediterranean cuisine and this place did not let me down!  From the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by the friendly staff to the amazing Chicken Kabobs and a side of Tatziki, my craving was fully satisfied!  The chicken was tender and seasoned just right and was served with a side of rice ... read more
Katie M. via - Jun 28, 2017
As previous folks have said, it's ...
As previous folks have said, it's unimpressive decor inside & out does nothing to diminish how good the food is. We live just down the road & it's always great for a healthy & quick to-go eat or a sit down dinner. We've gone shortly before close a few times & the family preps a big dinner for themselves to bookend the night. Super fr ... read more
Jared S. via - Jun 24, 2017
We visited Nile Cafe yesterday. We ordered the shwarma sandwich, falafel sandwich, baba ganoush and tabouli. We also had some green tea which was delicious. This is a really nice place; good food with excellent value. We'll definitely be coming here again.
Pankaj Chopra via - Jun 13, 2017
Awesome staff. Best location for Turkish coffee. Great food and deserts. I plan on returning multiple times..... Another great food experience!!!
Vernon U via - Jun 13, 2017
Good gyro, but ordered black forest ...
Good gyro, but ordered black forest cake, but they didn't serve us a slice of that...the cake they served was freezer-burned dry cake with whipped cream frosting and one sad cherry on top.  We couldn't eat it.  I will just get gyro from now on.
Lauren C. via - Jun 11, 2017
I really love Mediterranean food ...
I really love Mediterranean food and like to support local places rather than chain restaurants but this place was a disappointment. I ordered the Tabouleh with beef kebabs. The salad was way too too sour for me to eat - they offered to make me another but took so long to get it that I was done!! The serving size was also really smal ... read more
Sonia M. via - Jun 7, 2017
From the outside, its unassuming ...
From the outside, its unassuming. The inside is clean but uninspiring. The food....the food will ROCK YOUR WORLD. The spanikopita was flaky, large, and delicious! The appetizer portion is really lunch size for one person. I make spanikopita and this is really outstanding and close to my own homemade.Meals come with grilled veggies th ... read more
Mary T. via - Jun 3, 2017
Nile Cafe is wonderful.  The food ...
Nile Cafe is wonderful.  The food is delicious and cooked to order. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because they serve the food on plastic plates with plastic forks and knives. I don't like all that waste.  That said, I will continue to go back as it is just too good to pass up. I had the beef  shawarma and my companio ... read more
Sharon O. via - May 27, 2017
Had been looking for a clean good ...
Had been looking for a clean good place for gryos and other great food. I hit up at least once a week and bring dinner home sometimes.
Terrence L. via - May 25, 2017
This is a family run business that ...
This is a family run business that makes everything fresh. You may be frustrated by some language difficulties, but everyone working here is very nice. The restaurant is small and they serve everything on disposable plates which makes it difficult to cut your food on. But the food is good. They have good pastries that they make from ... read more
Alexandra S. via - May 23, 2017
Amazing tiramisu for me after the ...
Amazing tiramisu for me after the light flaky spanakopita.  And oh can't forget the amazing mint lemonade - a must have so refreshing!  Service was great as well.
Mary S. via - May 19, 2017
This place is a gem in Cary! For ...
This place is a gem in Cary! For its category of quick service Mediterranean food and gyros, the food is some of the best I've had. The prices are very reasonable. The service is quick and the staff are as polite as can be. Don't forget to pick something out from their homemade dessert case!
Ryan E. via - May 16, 2017
AWESOME!!! Just ordered from 919.dine the other night. The food was wonderful. Truly wonderful flavors. Walnut baklava is a must to try!!!
Richard McDaniel via - May 13, 2017
As fresh as it can get. I have ...
As fresh as it can get. I have been here a few time and I have never met a dish I did not like. The service is excellent, food is spectacular and easy on the pockets.Mint Lemonade, Soups, Tabouli, Greek Salad, Hummus, Tzatziki, Falafel, Chicken Shawarma and even the plain old tea always hits the spot. Overtime I walk out I wish this ... read more
Shilpi S. via - May 10, 2017
Authentic Mediterranean. Homemade ...
Authentic Mediterranean. Homemade all the way. Stuffed grape leaves and chicken shawarma were great. Recommend and will be back!!
Amanda A. via - May 8, 2017
Love their fresh mint lemonade ...
Love their fresh mint lemonade.  Food portions were a bit small.  I got take out, so maybe that's why.
Anony M. via - May 1, 2017
Some of the best chicken schwarma ...
Some of the best chicken schwarma I've ever had, hands down! Really friendly staff and quick service. This is a casual dining establishment....terrific food! I'd highly recommend it to anyone in the area.
Cori M. via - Apr 29, 2017
New place with some "hiccups" to ...
New place with some "hiccups" to cure (broken soda fountain, dessert case not working) but definitely worth checking out.  The menu is pretty extensive with a good variety and even some "American" fare if someone in your party isn't fond of middle eastern cuisine.  Portions are good and the value is reasonable.  The owner was engagin ... read more
Kent K. via - Apr 29, 2017
Best, fluffiest cake I have ever ...
Best, fluffiest cake I have ever eaten. I adore their schwarma pita sandwich. Super-nice people. Lots of other items on the menu I plan to try!
Laura B. via - Apr 25, 2017
This was our first time to this ...
This was our first time to this restaurant and we're so glad we decided to give it a chance. We tried a few other Mediterranean and Egyptian restaurants in the area and to no avail. Definitely a family friendly environment and the food was absolutely incredible. Don't be fooled by the casual atmosphere; the food is five star plus rat ... read more
Chris W. via - Apr 25, 2017
The food is wonderful, the prices ...
The food is wonderful, the prices are very fair and the owner is great.
Joe H. via - Apr 19, 2017
This place is truly a hidden gem ...
This place is truly a hidden gem in the land of strip malls. I wasn't too happy to know that the dessert display case was broken, and due to this they only had a limited selection of desserts available. Hopefully they've gotten it fixed by now. There were some other issues as well, the pendant lights appear to mostly be burn't out an ... read more
Melanie S. via - Apr 19, 2017
Amazing authentic food, nice owners ... read more
Matthew Furse via - Apr 13, 2017
Friendly and professional service. Fresh and tasty food. Nice selection of meals, desserts and specialty drinks.
Patty Vonkchalee via - Apr 13, 2017
The food is fresh and seasoned well. Price a bit high for a small place.
Judi Gordon via - Apr 13, 2017
I found this gem of a restaurant ...
I found this gem of a restaurant on yelp and I'm happy I did! I got a falafel sandwich with tzatziki. This is by far the best falafel sandwich I've ever had! When you eat here, it feels like you are at someone's house enjoying a home cooked meal - very inviting atmosphere. I would highly recommend stopping by!
Becca B. via - Apr 10, 2017
Nile Cafe met our high expectations ...
Nile Cafe met our high expectations. We read many of the YELP reviews before heading over to Nile. Know that it's small and you order at the counter and the food is brought to you. The staff was friendly and helpful and we got to meet the owner who welcomed us warmly. We opened with the Hummus, that was smooth, creamy and flavorful. ... read more
Don M. via - Apr 10, 2017
Just discovered this gem!! I'll ...
Just discovered this gem!! I'll be back! The babaganoush was amazing! Ordered the moussaka was awesome. I will highly recommend this place!
Andrea R. via - Apr 6, 2017
Egyptian My eBay Bride found this ...
Egyptian My eBay Bride found this place and I tired to give Thomas credit for it!  Did not work this time!  We LOVE Mediterranean Food!  We Brought 55 here too!Mint Lemonade   -   LISTEN to me! If you think you enjoy Lemonade.... THIS One is Superb!TabouliDelicious and Inspiring! One of the things I LOVE most about this Salad is the ... read more
Messer K. via - Mar 31, 2017
Great food, very courteous staff. They made sure everything was great, and we had everything we needed.
Richard Guin via - Mar 13, 2017
The food here was delicious, the staff was nice, can't ask for anything more. Can't wait to come again.
Bianca C via - Mar 13, 2017
Discovered this place recently ...
Discovered this place recently. We were just walking by.Tasty food made fresh to order. Absolutely loved their Moroccan tea and tiramisu cake.
L A. via - Mar 9, 2017
The koshari is great, and so were ...
The koshari is great, and so were the shawarma sandwiches and baklava. First place I've ever been to in the US that had koshari on the menu! Great customer service, amazing food, lovely music and atmosphere - I'll definitely be here again!
Rahma H. via - Mar 8, 2017
I got the Mediterranean chicken ...
I got the Mediterranean chicken with hummus and pasta salad. So good. Chicken had so much flavor and the hummus was so good. The pasta salad was ok fresh but not much flavor to it. Can't wait to go back again try the other dishes.
Ashley U. via - Mar 7, 2017
AMAZING food and the most welcoming ...
AMAZING food and the most welcoming owner! We stopped in late one night to try something new. We ordered two meals and a large container of Lemon Chicken Soup to go. While we were waiting and looking around at their decor, the owner brought us two bowls of soup to try while we were waiting for them to make our food right there. BEST ... read more
Elizabeth W. via - Feb 28, 2017
For fellow vegetarians, if you're ...
For fellow vegetarians, if you're tired of restaurant chain "vegetarian" options then look no further. There are no black bean burgers here! Just plenty of made-from-scratch vegetarian items and generous serving sizes. All of the desserts are made in house, too.  This place is a breath of fresh air and worth checking out. We will be ... read more
Stan S. via - Feb 25, 2017
Fresh food, friendly staff, helpful ...
Fresh food, friendly staff, helpful, will guide you through if it's new to you. Tasty ... read more
Jason B. via - Feb 25, 2017
I can't wait to eat here again ...
I can't wait to eat here again. I had the Spinakopita and my husband had kebabs. The rice was amazing!! I liked my spinakopita but I'm dying to try the mousakka. And of course we could leave without having baklava! Some of the best that I've had around here!! The dining is really small but if it's warm outside they have outside seati ... read more
Ami J. via - Feb 24, 2017
Wow, I can tell I am going to be ...
Wow, I can tell I am going to be a regular at this place. I walked in for lunch and the owner (I think) helped me pick out a vegetarian dish. He was really friendly. Ultimately I decided to go with a large Foul Madoumas sandwich and of course the Mint Lemonade. What I love about this cafe is that, while I love Mediterranean food, usu ... read more
Anila Y. via - Feb 21, 2017
I forgot to mention there are many ...
I forgot to mention there are many delicious meals for meat eaters as well. Be sure to try Tagon Lahma. It is a very flavorful dish where the beef just melts in your mouth. Like pasta and a little bit of spice? Koshari is for you. Like lemonade and mint? They create an unusual frozen drink you'll be left thinking about until the next ... read more
Elissa M. via - Feb 20, 2017
I ordered the lamb and beef shawarma ...
I ordered the lamb and beef shawarma and it was very flavorful and tender.  It came with a nice side of grilled vegetables.  The service and food were wonderful.  I will be back very soon.
Sue C. via - Feb 18, 2017
The service is excellent! The food ...
The service is excellent! The food is fresh and tastes just right when I want to eat Mediterranean.
Tyler P. via - Feb 16, 2017
I love this restaurant. The food is great, but my favorite is the lemon chicken soup. It's absolutely delicious and I've started buying large containers of it to take home. The owners and the chef are some of the nicest people I've ever met.
Veronica Brooks via - Feb 13, 2017
In response to Dave Farag, former reviewer, I cannot believe that you did not enjoy the Food. The Nile cafe is the best place to experience Mediterranean food around the area. The hummus and Tabouli were the greatest i have ever tasted and by far the freshes. Their customer service was amazing. They greeted us when we entered with a ... read more
Andy Perez via - Feb 13, 2017
Only been here once. I had the Koshari as my entree. We had the hummus and tzatziki with pita chips and bread as appetizers. I also had the moroccan tea which was mild, slightly sweet and poured over mint leaves in a glass. Everything was great!
Haritha Malladi via - Feb 13, 2017
I saw the "Now Open" sign as I was passing by and was curious so I decided to take a look at the menu online. Upon looking, the first thing I noticed was the potato leek soup. I have NEVER seen potato leek soup on a menu before so I had to get it since it is my favorite. And this soup took me back to when I was a little girl and my g ... read more
Meredith Carroll via - Feb 13, 2017
Great food, the people who work there are fantastically friendly.
Kevin Uy via - Feb 13, 2017
This was the yummiest meal I've ...
This was the yummiest meal I've been served on a plastic plate. When I arrived the owner was standing casually out front. We chit chatted as we walked to the counter, the restaurant was empty on this Monday night. I told him it was my first time and he quickly jumped at the opportunity to make a suggestion, always appreciated. I sett ... read more
Kenny B. via - Feb 6, 2017
This was a great little shop and ...
This was a great little shop and I am glad I choose this over another restaurant. The owner was very personable and the food was very tasty. I had the Queen of the Nike dish and this was very fresh and the meat was not dried out. I also had the mint tea and it was just as good as when I was in Egypt. I will definitely be back.
Raymond B. via - Jan 30, 2017
Say it with me: lemon chicken soup ...
Say it with me: lemon chicken soup. It's the stuff dreams are made of. So comforting and lemony. And the shawarma. And the gyro. Do yourself a favor. Stop by this little shopping center and get all the things.
Veronica B. via - Jan 20, 2017
Absolutely amazing!!! The owner ...
Absolutely amazing!!! The owner is extremely friendly and their homemade split pea soup is FABULOUS. Highly recommend!!
Kayla G. via - Jan 17, 2017
This restaurant is amazing. The ...
This restaurant is amazing. The decor is beautiful and it feels like you're transported to the Middle East. The servers were incredibly nice, making sure we had everything we needed and wanted. The food was DELICIOUS! I got the Tagon Lahma. The rice it came with was seasoned to the point that it was amazing on its own, but it also me ... read more
Claudia D. via - Jan 14, 2017
Very good food with a great staff! ...
Very good food with a great staff! The man who rang us up was so friendly! The food was delicious. I had the Pesto Mozzarella Sandwich! I took some baklava to go which was amazing! Highly recommend!
Brianne B. via - Jan 14, 2017
Awesome food & great service.  Gyro ...
Awesome food & great service.  Gyro & Hummus were both excellent and the service was all you could ask for.  Really nice decor and clean seating area as well.  I'll definitely be going back soon ... read more
Mike I. via - Jan 14, 2017
Excellent middle eastern fare tucked away in a strip mall. We'll be back soon!
Jad Bean via - Jan 13, 2017
Great Mediterranean food. Had trouble deciding what to try first.
Andrew Smith via - Jan 13, 2017
Great food. Beautiful desserts. Lovely service. ... read more
Kristen Hooper via - Jan 13, 2017
The Nile Cafe is a little gem.
The Nile Cafe is a little gem. I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken (yummy), the Tagon Lahma (really, really delish), a lentil soup (super tasty) and a mint lemonade (perfect). What made the experience really fantastic was the hospitality of Chef Saad and the warm customer service from Andrew (shout outs!). I'm here visiting from out- ... read more
Kia C. via - Dec 27, 2016
Delicious and authentic. Highly recommend.
Yosra Elsayed via - Dec 13, 2016
Honestly the best Mediterranean food in the state!! Bob (the owner) is behind the counter everyday and always welcomes each individual with a kind smile and hospitality! Everything in house is homemade and the taste is very evident. Each pastry (especially the baklava) will change your life!
Nathan Filipponi via - Dec 13, 2016
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